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New Law in Effect Concerning Student Athlete Concussions

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A new law is taking effect across the state dealing with student athletes. The law requires students to be taken off of the court or field if he or she shows any signs of a concussion. This law can affect sports ranging from basketball, soccer, baseball, football and many others where concussions are at risk.

This law is coming at time where a new study has just been released that has affirmed the dangers of concussions to young athletes. Doctors and specialists both agree that there are many unknowns about the aftereffects of a concussion.

The new concussion study among young athletes was released by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) trade journal. Dr. Joel Brenner, incoming chairman of the Council on Sports, Medicine and Fitness for the AAP said the newly released study contained information that causes concern.

The study showed that sudden deaths related to concussions in young athletes were preventable with the use of better equipment.

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To learn more about the new policies and regulations in place concerning concussions and student athletes, see the video here!

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